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Finishing Department


Many specialty bar products require straightening after being rolled at the mill. Shasta’s rotary straighteners can take out-of-spec bars to the right dimensions and appearance.

A full range of precision bar turners allow us to handle a range of products unmatched by most independent converters. We can handle diameters from 2 inches to 12 inches and can turn and polish to the most demanding of tolerances. Micro-finishes of 62 RMS or better are attainable in one or more passes.

Bar Turning

Bar Turning

Precision bar turners provide unparalleled flexibility providing exacting finishes and holding demanding tolerances. Our Equipment can process a full range of diameters and can provide micro-finishes of 62RMS or better.

Bar Straightening

Bar Straightening

We have the equipment to rotary or bump straighten your flat bar product to required tolerance.