• Shasta Services One

    High Quality Conditioning and Conversion Services

  • Shasta Services Two

    Expert Centerless and Surface Grinding

  • Shasta Services Three

    Oustanding Saw Cutting Services

  • Shasta Services Four

    Precision Bar Turning and Straightening

Our Machining Capabilities

We can quickly configure and expand our machining capabilities to immediately adapt to the rapid changes in industry demands. Our highly efficient equipment and experienced operators enable us to peel, grind, polish and cut material of any size to the tightest tolerances. Further, our rebuilt 12” peeler provides customers with accurately processed, larger sized material at exacting tolerances.

Our on-site torch cutting services, inspired by TMS’ long-standing expertise in high-speed precision torch cutting, delivers precisely processed material with a quick turnaround time. When your material is on site, we offer detailed daily reports on processing, providing you with a high level of assurance we will meet or be ahead of schedule for delivery.

Machining Capabilities

Machine Diameter Capacity Length Capacity Width Capacity Height Capacity
Medart Straightener 1"-3.25" 20'    
Meeco Straightener .500"-1" 15'    
Bump Press 4"-11" 30'    
#6 Bar Peeler 2"-6" 60"-30'    
#12 Bar Peeler 5"-12" 8'-30'    
2A Centerless Grinder .125"-2" 4'-20'    
2B Centerless Grinder .125"-2" 4'-20'    
Twin Grip Centerless Grinder .625"-5" 6'-20'    
7" Polisher 2"-7" 24'    
20" Polisher 4"-24" 25'    
FRIGGI Saw-South   35' 80" 1"-24"
FRIGGI Saw-North   35' 98" 1"-39"
DoAll Saw (3)   20' 22" 22"
Torch Cutting   30' 60" 17"