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Grinding Department


Shasta’s state-of-the-art grinding department can handle most sizes and weights. Our grinding line is designed to handle most any customer requirement.

Our in-house built, fully automated grinders provide the capability of eliminating surface defects on the safe of slabs, round, billets, blooms, and ingots. These track type grinders and flexible workstations allow us to handle the largest possible range of sizes.

Shasta’s experienced personnel and quality assurance staffs are dedicated to combine the exact abrasives, grinding and polishing techniques required to provide the finish surface you expect. We can provide finishes of 125 RMS or lower.

  • 5,000-foot main grinding line equipment with 10 200 HP surface track machines.
  • Shasta's in-house engineered and manufactured track grinders are fully automated and allow for semi-automatic and automatic indexing to provide a uniform and consistent grinding pattern across the piece. Indexes from 1/8 inch to 1¼-inch allow rough, dress or polish finishes.
  • Head pressure and motor load are variable and can be set to customer’s specific requirements and automatically controlled to ensure minimal yield loss.
  • Flexible, in-line grinding pits allow process of slab edges and round ends.