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    High Quality Conditioning and Conversion Services

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    Expert Centerless and Surface Grinding

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    Oustanding Saw Cutting Services

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    Precision Bar Turning and Straightening

Finishing Department


Shasta’s finishing department is equipped to handle all your intermediate conversion processing requirements.

Whether it is cutting, straightening, or turning operations, we have the equipment and experienced machinists to handle the job. Flexible scheduling and our commitment to “just-in-time” deliveries have benefitted customers by handling rush jobs that others are unable to handle.

Please click here for more information on the variety of expert surface conditioning/scarfing services that are offered.

Centerless Grinding

Centerless Grinding

For more demanding applications, Shasta’s centerless grinding operations ensure extremely close finished dimensions and mirror-like brightness. Geared to capacities or up to five-inch rounds, Shasta can attain RMS of 20 or better within tolerances of .003 inch.

Surface Conditioning

Surface Conditioning

From general slab and centerless grinding to precise grinding to size, Shasta utilizes its in-house built automated grinders and experience personnel to provide the intermediate surface finished required to assure your product meeting exacting quality and performance standards.